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About the Institute of Colostrum Research

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Mission: To understand colostrum and help create solutions for the betterment of mankind

The Institute of Colostrum Research (ICR) was created to collect, communicate and conduct research to prove the efficacy of colostrum as a general health food or as a nutriceutical for therapeutic purposes.

We believe that ICR will provide the necessary impetus behind the development and use of colostrum products around the world.

This is important because we believe that colostrum has the 'power' to provide the foundation for health that every human requires in today's toxic environment. We also believe that somewhere in this highly complex product of nature are answers to the immune-related diseases that ravage the world.

ICR has established a criteria by which colostrum products can be evaluated.

ICR has undertaken this task as to educate the consumer to judge colostrum products from different distributors. In this way the consumer can make a more educated choice as to which colostrum product is best.

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ICR is sponsored by BTI Laboratories who are one of the largest formulators and marketers of colostrum products in the world. BTI believes that the importance of colostrum to global health and the potential of this market as so large that everyone will benefit by sharing information.


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